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The Eyrie 2015

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 The Eyrie Preview by Teacher Asiimwe Alex

Bishop McAllister College published her first ever magazine, The Eyrie, in 2011 sparking off joy and celebration in every quarter here. The main intent of the publication was to highlight our triumphs to a much broader audience, especially to scores of our admirers and well-wishers who have limited or no access whatsoever to the Internet where most of our developments and activities can be viewed.

The Eyrie covers a spectrum of school activities that define who we are. Its insightful articles and glamorous pictures in colour make it all the more inviting. We got articles from our former students whose reminiscences offer hope to the continuing students. Scouting, football and all our Music, Dance, and Drama triumphs are covered in rich detail. News of the colourful inauguration ceremony of the Anglican Seminary and our headmaster's being installed as Canon of West Ankole Diocese is also covered. There are also student stories of their farewell party and the 2011 geography study trip. The magazine helps the reader to know our school routine and the social life of the students as well. One can also peer into the slang and jargons of the school for the sheer fun of it. We hope we should be able to narrow the gap between us and our friends through this magazine and the subsequent editions.


The naming of the magazine, as the chief editor explains, owes its roots to the values that hold us together as a family united by our understanding of Christ. We chose St. John, the Evangelist as our patron saint and believe he watches over us and inspires us in our love for God, our Maker. The symbol of St. John is an eagle and the home of an eagle is an eyrie. Eagles are known to nest in lofty positions, mountain peaks, crags, tall trees and suchlike. Since Bishop McAllister College rests on a hill, our patron saint's eagle's eyrie is also no doubt here and we gave our magazine the name reflecting on the home of our patron saint's symbol.


Our magazine publications will be annual and we plan to have the second edition in October 2012. We thank God for the first edition and we hope He will grant us greater strength of vision in this year's publication.

(For a small contribution of $12 to cover costs we will be happy to send a copy of The Eyrie to all would like to receive one. Please contact the Rector at .)

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