WOMEN'S DAY - 2012 by Asiimwe Alex

Women’s Day here on 8th March lifted everyone’s spirits. There was a flurry of activity with girl students preparing for their day.  They were given a public address system for the presentations as they entertained the whole school. The function began as early as 9:45 a.m. There were skits, mimes, poems, songs and jokes from only girl students. The short plays aimed at showing the goodness in empowering women. They were so hilarious that every end of the performance was punctuated by laughter and loud applause. The poems, songs and the jokes hailed the woman as well.


There were great speeches for the day. The Head girl, Ankunda Priscilla, the Headmistress at our Seminary, Ms. Matson Nuwasasira, Senior Woman, Mrs. Anna Ndyamureeba, and Deputy Head teacher, Mrs. Patience Aruho, all spoke encouraging girls to be disciplined so as to achieve academic success for a future where empowerment would be a reality. Mrs. Rosemary Kingston, our great friend from Canada who is behind the sponsorship of many students in school, also spoke and said she was happy to celebrate this day with us. She said she loved that the girl student steps out of the shadows of oppression and injustice to be the light of society. She said she would talk more about the education of girls here on her return home. She also noted that there was need to construct another dormitory for girls.


The guest of honour, Mrs. Hope Twinamatsiko (our headmaster’s better half) spoke at length about the unique value of ladies. She expounded the year’s theme “Connecting Girls and inspiring the future” with many quotes from world leaders. She notably quoted the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan: “There’s no tool for development more effective than empowerment of women.” She also quoted the Bible and listed great characters to amplify her argument that women are indeed great; and of course she would not forget Mary Magdalene, the mother of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. She also urged girls to be respectful, study hard and avoid pre-marital sex.

 Lunch was great. A bull had been slaughtered so there was a feast. Teachers and students had lunch together in the dining. Everyone ate to their fill.

After lunch there was a football match between “O” and “A” level girls. “A” level girls carried the day beating their younger sisters by a goal to nil.   

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