Seminary Athletics

 The following are the pupils who represented the seminary:

            U-14 team

Nuwataho Nicholas (P.7)

* Akandwanaho Derrick (P.7)

* Muganga Kevin (P.7)

*Akankunda Barbrah (P.5)

* Atukunda Princess (P.7)

* Arinda Allan (P.6)


          U-12 team

* Ahabwe Shabella (P.5)

* Aijuka Daniel (P.5)

* Nabaasa Anita (P.5)

* Akankunda Shallon (P.6)

* Katebaka Allan (P.5)

* Katende Freedom (P.5)



(Seminarions with Headteacher Matson)

 The young Eagles soar to a new height in District Athletics Competitions 


Tr. Assimwe Alex 


Bishop McAllister Anglican seminarians enjoyed a great day out when they went to take part in Sheema District’s athletics competitions on 4th April 2012. The competitions which attracted twenty primary schools offered the young eagles a chance to interact with pupils from various settings. The seminary fielded two groups of participants as required. There were both the under fourteen and under twelve years groups. Some of the young eagles were extremely impressive and caught the attention of the district officials. As a result, Muganga Kevin (P.7), Akandwanaho Derrick (P.7) and Nuwataho Nicholas (P.7) were selected to take part in the zonal competitions.


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