Resurrection race 2011 by Tr. Alex

Towards every Easter, the school organizes a 5 Km race known as the Resurrection Race. This is to help students and all college employees reflect on the Passion of Christ as they run thereby getting everyone in the right shape and mood for Easter. The Rector runs with the students and staff as he does in the Rector's Challenge which has now become a termly event with the exception of the first term when we prepare for Easter. This term (1st term 2011), the inter-house competition was won by Lion after they had outrun the other seven houses.


 On the last day of the races a bull was slaughtered for the school. Everyone woke in a party mood. It was on this day that the staff, Seminarians and the best three runners in each house would run. The staff normally starts their race minutes after the seminarians have been started and the best students in each of the eight houses run in a race of their own at the end.


The students started cheering as soon as the staff race began. The race route snakes through the village and it has some steep hills that will require lots of energy to conquer, but the Rector makes light of his years as he ascends without stopping for a breather.


The races ended towards midday and the closing ceremony was scheduled for 2:00 pm, after lunch. The students and staff ate lunch together in the dining hall. There was plenty of meat for everyone.


After lunch, the Rector was invited to give his remarks after the headmaster had spoken. The Rector thanked everyone for participating in the race. He urged everyone to desist from thinking that anything is impossible. He gave an example of himself. He told us that earlier, he thought it was impossible to run a 5 km race but when he tried, he discovered it was possible. He said things become impossible when we think they are and not that they actually are. He said the best runners in the big Challenge would still be sponsored to go to Kampala for the MTN Marathon event later in December, adding that the school intended to include female students for the 2011 MTN event.


The Rector read out the best runners with each of them receiving a monetary prize enclosed in a khaki envelope. Among the boys, Twinamatsiko Duncan (S.6) was the first and Aruho Brian (S.3) came second while Kwesiga was third. Natuhwera Shallon(S.4) was number one among girls. The winner among the seminarians was Ahebwa Martin P.7. Akwatirire Elliot, the music teacher, won the staff race. Nuwasasira Matson, a teacher at the seminary, was the best among the female staff. Lion were read as the winning house with Hippo finishing as close runners up, only beaten by a fraction of a second. The winning house would be rewarded as well, the school head said.


The function closed with the Rector urging everyone to prepare for the next race in second term. And as always the students and teachers look forward to this day of fun in the term following.


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