Newsletter,August 2017

Dear Friends,

Greetings from all of us at Bishop McAllister College, and Bishop McAllister Anglican Seminary!

We are quickly approaching the end of another term (2nd term) and staff and students are looking forward to a much needed break. It has been a good term, full of blessings and rich in God's grace, but also one of the most difficult terms in my memory. This term is normally very hot and dry, but this year the weather has been extreme and we are suffering from a terrible drought that really began earlier in the year, and that rains that followed that first drought were not enough for a full recovery. To make a long story short, it has been a term without water. Last year we thought all our water problems had finally been solved we hooked into the national water supply. A good thing if we didn't need to use it all the time as it is terribly expensive. But due to the drought, even the national water supply in our area didn't have enough water to go around, so those taps went dry also. For the first weeks of the term we had to truck the water in everyday for the kitchen, and the students were left to fetch for their own purposes from whatever source they could find. Needless to say we tested the patience of our neighbours. Finally we made a last ditch effort to dig another well (shallow well) in the hopes of finding water. The good news we have found some water at about 16 feet, but so far the water we are able to pump to the school is only enough to meet the needs of the kitchen. But we are feeling very encouraged, just the same. Throughout it all God's grace has been wonderful, despite all the hardships everyone has persevered throughout. The last couple of days have seen a couple of rain showers, so we are optimistic that some relief is not far off now.

Apart from the heat, dust and lack of water it has been another wonderful term. Students have been busy with their books of course and now sitting exams, but the term has been rich in other activities as well. The annual geography trip was a great success and a good learning experience for many students.

The Annual Rectors 5km Challenge took place as usual, followed by inter house music, dance and drama competitions. The winning house were given a calf this year to enjoy amongst themselves.

In the midst of all these activities the senior class in the middle school section and high school, held an annual farewell party as they prepare to sit their government exams next term.

We have also been enjoying the visit of a couple of volunteer teachers. Mari Robertson, has been coming for many years now, and has been teaching in the primary school. This year Mari came with her goddaughter Chloe, who has been teaching Fine Art. The school has enjoyed their visit, and will miss them when they head back to Canada in a few days time.

We also had the pleasure of welcoming back Andrew Clements from Oklahoma City. Andrew visited the school a few years ago and returned this summer to be a Godfather to Kelvin, son of Disan (Deputy Principal) and Irene Ogumoshabe.

One last bit of exciting news. Work began this term on our proposed school library. Our first attempt at constructing a storied building. Is definitely going to be a big challenge, but we are happy to go slowly slowly, one step at a time. We are so grateful for the financial support we have received so far, we anticipate we have enough funds to complete phase one and two of nine phases. The third phase (suspended floor) will be the most difficult , due to the high cost. We have been so encouraged by our old students who have launched a fund raising campaign to help with the construction of the library. So far they have pledged one third of the funds needed for phase three. That is very exciting and very rewarding and encouraging for all of us who are on the hill.

On behalf of everyone at the school and can't tell you enough how much we appreciate your support.

Please continue to pray for us.

May God bless you and keep you!


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