S.4&S.6 2016 Candidates farewell party

Senior Four and Senior Six students held a farewell party on 27th July,2015 in line with the school tradition of holding parties for O and A level finalists early in the second term of the year. This is normally done to minimise distraction in the final term.

There was a plethora of colours as students came out to make very bold statements of their style. Boys turned out in suits which gave them gentlemanly and dignified appearances. And not to be outdone, girls also turned up admirably in various stylish attires of different colours.

Among the guests there were teachers and members of the non-teaching staff. The Rector was the chief guest and he commended the students for organising a good party. He urged them to work hard for their future. “Thank you for this wonderful prty. … Your duty after here is now to get the best out of your education. With the right attitude, you will succeed,” he said.

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