Music, Dance and Drama Delight 

Under College for Tertiary Studies (CTS), the West Ankole Diocese body that previously ran several vocational study centres, Bishop McAllister College was meant to be largely a music academy, a place to be esteemed for choral excellence. However, with the starting of the secondary school section and the diminishing influence of College for Tertiary Studies, the music academy idea waned pretty fast. But that has not deterred students from living the dream of the founders. They love the singing and competition is always great encouragement. That our choirs have been nothing less than sublime over the years is by no means a coincidence.

As we celebrate fifteen years of our O’ level we are full of memories of the great performances we have given in all the music competitions at district, diocese and national levels. 

We are especially proud to share news of our latest victory in the 2014 West Ankole Diocese secondary schools music, dance and drama competitions at the zonal level. We were the first out of the seven schools with a meritorious score of 82%. The news of the trophy coming to our school inevitably sparked off scenes of excitement at school. This achievement is not a thing we take lightly considering we beat long established schools on our course to victory.

We hope to continue equipping our students with skills in singing, dancing and acting and be at the forefront of shaping these children’s future in music, dance or drama careers.


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