Mission4Water Lights Up Student Community by Katureebe Hilary

Mission 4 Water Lights Up Student Community   

                        by Katureebe Hilary (Senior Six)

The sight of drill augers, hammers, chisels, and ropes at the selected drilling sites did not look like much and no one among the students, not even us the drillers, thought they would yield the joy they sparked off when the “Misson 4 Water” ended. I was part of the students sponsored by All Souls Church who participated in the mission to drill and get water to students. 

I can tell you it was a great learning experience. Engineer Sande, the head of the Mission 4 Water team told us that if we were lucky, we could find water in just thirty minutes, but if we were to be unfortunate, we could drill for even a day without getting the desired results. And for our case, the latter turned out to be true. We abandoned our first site at thirty feet. It was rocky and the engineer said chances were we could go on for days withoutgetting anything. We were nonetheless determined to drill to success. They say winners never quit and quitters never win , so we were determined to see the project to a successful conclusion.

Meanwhile, efforts to get water at the girls’ dorm also ended in futility as at seventy feet the boys were still getting mud instead of

clean water. Our first choice sites were abandoned and now focus went down the Seminary end. Work got a lot easier this time as the auger penetrated more quickly. Our colleagues who had drilled a vain seventy feet this time found reason to smile in a short period. My team were the first to see water and there many hoorays! It was some Eureka experience. Every one of us was happy.

Engineer Sande with his expert team fixed the pumps and told us we would have to wait for a week before we could get clean water. The sites were cemented and after that weeklong wait, water was flowing. The student community is very happy that the persistent water problems that normally afflict us in the dry spell of the second term of the year are no more.

Katureebe Hilary

(Hilary is a Senior Six student, currently preparing to sit for national exams.)

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