Bishops Visit 2014

                         63 Students and Seminarians get Confirmed as Anglicans

by Tr. Asiimwe Alex

 It was yet another chapter of joy in the life of the College & Seminary when sixty-three pupils were Confirmed  on March 8, 2014. The Seminarians and Secondary Students were confirmed by the West Ankole Diocese head, Rt. Rev. Yonah Katonene in a grand service at St.John, the Evangelist Chapel.  

At the start of the service, the bishop also led the dedication prayers for the chapel windows which were donated by the Parishes of Sackville, Dorchester, and Westmorland in Canada, in recognition of the service of Rev. Canon Kevin Stockall who served as rector of all three for 17 years. Bishop Yonah unveiled a magnificent plaque on the right of the chancel in honour of the Stockall family. Bishop Yona was much appreciative for theirs and the Parishs love and support to Bishop McAllister College over the years.

The Bishop called on the newly confirmed children to appreciate that they are God’s children and that they should live a life of love free from sexual sin (Ephesians 5:1ff).  He also urged them to be witnesses for Christ. “My beloved, you should never feel shy to witness for Christ. You are chosen to be witnesses,” he said.


In his remarks towards the end of the service, the bishop hailed Rev.Canon Paul Jeffries, the Rector, for the wonderful progress at the Seminary. He said that the academic achievements of both the main secondary section and the five-year old seminary were simply a marvel and made him and the diocese feel very proud. He was responding to the Rector’s speech which was in a way a thorough briefing on the state of affairs in the secondary section and the Seminary. The bishop further said he loved the Seminary’s continued practice of the High Church traditions. “This is just how we should conduct our services,” he said, “And I can tell you when I come to Bishop McAllister Anglican Seminary, I feel High Church. I think I will choose a specific period when the Rector and all these servers can come to the Cathedral in Bweranyangi to lead a service so that all other clergy may learn these church traditions.”

Many people attended this service. Prof.Jeff Ollerhead and his daughter, Kate, and Mrs Mari Robertson from Sackville, one of the Canadian parishes that gave the chapel windows,  were in attendance and were asked by the            Bishop to convey gratitude to the Christians in Sackville. There were members from the neighbouring community and a fairly good number of parents to the pupils who got confirmed that day.

The bishop’s visit ended with a large feast in the Seminary premises.


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