Prayer request

                   “My delight in the, because he has the voice of my prayer”;

                                                   Psalm 116

                               Bishop McAllister College Prayer Letter

                                                 1st Term 2017

We are grateful to God for the love and continuous prayers you have given to us dear friends.

We have started the New Year with good news that encourage us to always trust in the Lord.

We have registered among the many the following achievements,

Academic excellence from all levels that have led to stand out of the many schools in the country .This has encouraged us to work hard in serving.

The Lord has added to our numbers with those who join us as new students this has encouraged us to know that people love us and trust us to bring up their children as responsible Christians.

This has been noted on the increased of streams in senior one and senior two from two streams to three streams respectively

We received messages from people from near and far commending us for the good work we are doing. They have given examples of our students participating actively in their local churches our Alumni doing excellent work in their areas of operation.

We are grateful to God for people who always think of us in prayers and support of every kind .we have achieved all these through your support.

We request you to keep us in prayers for many other things that we still hope to achieve and we believe

We can do all things by faith, Brethren remember us in your prayers for the following

To pray for the school administration that is behind the day to day planning for this school. We pray to God to give them strength and wisdom in their service.

To pray for the staff for teaching and non-teaching staff that God blesses them in their service and that serve faith in their respective department, we continue to pray for their families where most stay away from their families,

To pray for good health of children and their academic performance

To pray to God to bless the plans of this especially the library building project that the administration is looking forward to starting,

Remember to pray for the other facility development due to the increase in number of students the demand for almost every facility is high, especially in the girls side where their study room has been turned into the dormitory and they are now congested in one small room as their study room.

We have water in school we continue to pray for a sustained and reliable source.

Remember to pray for us to keep good discipline for our students and maintain Christian values

We pray for our donors who are always supporting us that lord blesses the works of their hands

We pray for the Rector’s safe travel and stay in U.S.A and journey mercies back to Uganda

We also pray for Rev. Canon Caleb and Mrs Hope Twinamatsiko for their safe travel to Canada, good stay and that the Lord continues to use them in changing lives.

We request to pray for our diocese of West Ankole. We are praying to God to guide those entrusted with authority to elect a new Bishop.

Pray for political stability in the region and our country that we may live peacefully free from political instability .We bless the lord for the peace we have so far in our country.

We were hit by drought last year and the returns from production are low .The cost of living is high in terms of food here at school and in families, Keep in prayer for good climate that will assist farming,

We love and pray to the Lord that keeps us bound together in love remembering one another in prayer and enjoying the favor of everyone.

May God bless you


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