INVITATION TO OBSERVANCE OF LENT.“Behold we go up to Jerusalem, and all things that are written by the prophets concerning the son of man shall be accomplished”. Lent season consists of the forty weekdays before Easter.
As sportsman trains in order to be in a good shape for competition, the same to us as Christians we need to be under spiritual training. In training the main theme is prayer, penitence and doing works of charity

When you train yourself for Christian living, you begin by getting yourself under control so that you can live under God’s rule. You become an athlete of the spirit running towards the finish line. (1st Cor 9:24-27)
The forty days of lent are based on the story of forty days Jesus spent in the wilderness when he was tempted. He was training for his special task. 
As Christians we join with Him in this period of lent up to holy week and Easter. In our minds we suffer with Jesus Christ ride into Jerusalem with Him, suffer with Him, and watch Him die. By this we will understand the glory of Easter.
Make a plan for this lent.
You can do fasting by giving up something you like such as watching, parting, spending time and money on social media, doing without the food you like and all the pleasures of this life. Is that all you have to do as a Christian. No, you don’t stop there you take the money and time saved in doing works of charity for your church or your community. You can also take time to read the scriptures or a book on religion attend extra church services and meditate upon God’s word.
You will become a better Christian during this lent if you do these on your own and learn to make your own decisions you will become stronger in your own faith. Remember self-control is the key.
As Bishop McAllister College and Anglican seminary community we as reading the Gospel according to saint Mark throughout this lent.
I invite you to dear students, old students, teachers and members of the community to join us to the observance of this great season that will put in a Christian shape as we go to our heavenly home Jerusalem which above. 
Lent gets you ready:
To understand that life isn’t all play and having your own way 
To know that God triumphs 
To be a better servant of God in his victory
To have a stronger will to be a Christian all year long.
To win victory over sin
What plans do you for this lent?
What things are you going to add on your normal program?
What are you going to forego?
Happy Lent season 
Joseph Tusingwire 
Assistant Chaplain

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