Beginning of Term One 2017

New School Year 2017 Begins

Monday February 6th, 2017 was the official day of opening for the first term of the new school year in Uganda. It was extremely busy day for the staff who had to stay at the main gate to check students and ensure that they reported with all the school requirements.

The turn up of students on the first day was massive. It was boosted further by the fact that our Senior One 2017 students were also reporting on the same day.

The offices of all school administrators were busy as they attended to the big numbers of parents and their children.

The continuing students were visibly happy about the facelift of some of the buildings that had undergone over the long holiday. They exclaimed as they admired the newly constructed dormitory. There were also some of them who went to tour classroom blocks that were plastered in December. Others could be seen touching the gate walls feeling their new smoothness.

Long before dusk, there were very clear signs that the school was back to business. The noises from the young voices as the students played about announced the term had begun. The quite of the long holiday was quickly receding and giving way to the sounds of the normal school routine. 

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