Advent Season, 2016

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Advent Season, 2016

The advent season 2016 here began in a unique style. For the first time at St.Johns the Evangelist Chapel, our choir treated us to a host of melodious tunes of Advent carols, which gave the service a classical feel. We had a series of readings that expounded God's plan for humanity from the very early days of creation. The scriptures that started from Old Testament to the New Testament sought to refresh our understanding of God's love for us all laying emphasis on his pledge to give a redeemer, His son Jesus Christ.

There was a Christmas party outside chapel shortly after for all students and staff. It was a day of total enjoyment as there was plenty of cake, sweets and sodas for everyone. And that was not all, a bull had been slaughtered and a special lunch do mark the start of Advent had also been prepared.

I a way Christmas had come a tad early.


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