Chapel of St. Johns Evangelist

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During a recent visit (March 2011) The Rt. Rev. Yona Katoneene takes time to inspects the progress of the construction of the Chapel. He is joined by Chairman of BOG and other Board members.

Chapel of St. John



(March 10, 2010)

It was not all that long ago that the idea of the Chapel of St. John the Evangelist was simply a dream of what might be possible in the future. Just the same we began to prepare for that possibility. A site was chosen. Not long after the decision was made to prepare the site (just in case) by our usual methods of student labour and our first temporary Chapel was placed on the site.


There was a new start in August 2010 as we prepared to celebrate the Inauguration of the Seminary. First road work was going on nearby which enabled us to hire some of the equipment and properly prepare the site. At the Inauguration Ceremony (August 8th, 2010) the foundation stone for the future Chapel of St. John the Evangelist was laid and later that month work began on the foundation.


It was not long afterward that the foundation was complete.


By November we were starting to see some good progress being made on the walls. We were feeling very confident that the funds which had been contributed towards this project would take us up to the ring beam.


As Christmas approached construction finally reached the ring beam. What a great way to end the year!   “To God be the Glory!”

December 20th, 2010







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