Advent season 2017

Advent Carols 2017


Christmas is here! The message was loud and clear as the Bishop McAllister College family welcomed the Advent season in a service at the school chapel on Monday 27th November 2017. The college chaplain Reverend Tito Byamaani and Reverend Patience Kyoshabire Aruho (Deputy head teacher),and Mr Joseph Tusingwire led us in a service that has amassed liking for its abundance of scripture and song. The message of the service was God’s promise of the Messiah. Nine portions of scripture were read amidst bursts of Joy to the World, Glorious Things of you are spoken, Thy kingdom come,O God, Little town of Bethlehem et cetera. The scriptures began with man’s fall from grace in Genesis, then to prophets,Jeremiah, Isaiah, Micah and Zephaniah, and they would later conclude in the New Testament with Luke telling us of Angel Gabriel’s visitation upon which he announced to Mary that she would give birth to the Messiah. The hymns selected were very relevant to the occasion.Perhaps no song accentuates the feeling of Christmas better than Joy to the World, and it is no wonder that the song was chosen as the recessional hymn leaving as a way of leaving the congregation with that wonderful festive feeling of Christmas.

Away from chapel there was plenty of excitement as the students set their eyes on the Christmas party cake that awaited them a few metres out.

IMG 20171127 132235IMG 20171127 132209

The ceremony of cutting the cake was yet another segment of the fun we had for the day. Student leaders and members of the school administration were called to join the guest of honour,Reverend Canon Elmoth Baryaruha, to cut the cake. 

IMG 20171127 133500 IMG 20171127 133500

The cake was later served to the entire school with everyone picking a piece and a soda. And then there was a shower of candies! We had every student receiving a handful of candies as the cake session concluded.

IMG 20171127 134124

And as would be in students’ homes on Christmas, there was plenty of food for everyone. A gigantic bull had been slaughtered, and I guess the lunch served was the best in the term. It will surely take a while for this memory to fade. Indeed Christmas is here. Joy to the world

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