Bishop McAllister College, Kyogyera in Sheema District is a conglomerate of educational programmes. It is composed of a mixed boarding secondary school comprising both O and A levels, an Anglican Seminary and a wing for theological Studies affiliated to Uganda Christian University,Mukono.It reposes atop a lush green hill some thirty-odd Kilometres from Mbarara along the Mbarara – Kasese highway.Founded by the Anglican Diocese of West Ankole in 1983,Bishop McAllister College is an institution built on solid Christian principles with a view to boosting the growth and expansion of God’s Kingdom through imparting spiritual values and knowledge. As a result of our unique programmes, our student discipline is arguably the best you will ever hope to find in any educational institution anywhere. The students are taught values of respect, tolerance and the fear of God. Through the weekly Bible study sessions our students are made to reflect on God’s mighty works and also appreciate His role in the life of every Christian.We have daily prayer services and a Holy Communion service every Thursday afternoon through which students are perpetually reminded of Christ’s selflessness and love for us all.The Anglican Seminary, which is the flagship of all our religious programmes, has been a remarkable success story since its inception in 2009.The pioneer pupils have now reached Senior Five. The Seminary is a wellspring of spiritual knowledge where the children must know the nature of God and his overall significance in human life.Besides,your child at the seminary will be taught Christian church symbolism and all the traditions of Anglican worship right from the olden days to contemporary times.As regards theological studies, Bishop McAllister College has served as a gateway into spiritual service for many a priest. We delight in knowing that most clergy in Ankole have our college to thank for the training that has seen them become prominent forces in ministry.The College has a highly qualified and competent teaching staff whose commitment to excellent work has been the reason behind the academic successes we have registered over the years. We continue to pass large numbers of students both at O and A levels. In 2015 we hit a high when we produced Sheema District’s best students in A level examinations. Two of our students from the science class, TuryasinguraMedard and Turyahabwe Collins, scored twenty points for twenty, the maximum points in their subject combinations.Bishop McAllister has an array of exciting co-curricular activities, but notably our football programme comes at the top. Our brand of flowing football has endeared us to an amazingly huge following from near and far. We have always represented Sheema District in the national post-primary football championships. The College has achieved a feat no other school in Sheema has yet to dream of. We had a school football team representing Uganda at East Africa Secondary school tournament in Dar es Salaam in 2006 where we finished as Semi-finalists. Away from football, the school has a brass band, netball, music, dance and drama, debates, termly races to mention but a few.We trust firmly in the Lord’s strength and believe that He will enable us to fulfill our mission and dreams. We believe in our potential to help our students achieve their best as we soar to great heights

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