2017 Challenges

As we begin this new school year we are still faced with some challenges, some of which are pressing. Of an increase in enrolment means there is a further need for more beds and desks. At present we need 50 sets of bunk beds, 25 triple desks and 30 single desks.


   Single Desk ($CA46/$US35)                   Triple Desk ($CA92/$US70)                              

Bunk Bed ($CA115/87)

We are also facing a big challenge in the computer program. Our aging computers are few in number and no longer adequate for the job. So we are faced with replacing the existing computers and increasing their numbers. At present we have about 25 computers about 15 years old, shared amongest 250 students. In the first phase we are looking to instal 13 System units, each unit accommodating six students at separate stations. Already we have been able to install one unit, and it is working great.

Each Computer Unit(work stations for six students) ($CA1,295/$US980)

But the most pressing challenge of all is accommodation for girls. The girls have far surpassed the numbers their dorm can accommodate. To reduce the congestion and to prepare space for new students in 2018 we are faced with the urgent challenge of constructing 1-2 rooms for them.



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